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Professional experience

from 12/2004 Bildungszentrum des Handels i Neuruppin (vocational training centre) Germany  



After 4 month teaching Norwegian, I was hired in the dual role as the programme coordinator and one of the placement officers. My tasks include recruiting candidates for the language school, being their general advisor during the programme and placing them with Scandinavian Companies. In addition to these internal duties, I am also responsible for public relations.

Businesstrip to Stavanger (Norway) 09/2005 Stangeland Maskin

Since the beginning of this decade, Bildungszentrum des Handels has run classes for German job seekers who want to emigrate to other European Countries. Recognizing the high unemployment rate among skilled workers in the State of Brandenburg, the founders decided to train people to continue their career abroad. The school currently focuses on Norway, Sweden and Spain. We follow the European labour market and help people who have the skills which are in demand learning a foreign language. Currently we focus on construction, health and the hotel and restaurant industry.


with former participant at Nysted As Stavanger, businesstrip 07/2007

former participant at Nysted As Stavanger, businesstrip 05/2006


My philosophy is to integrate the employee into theplacement process. I'm open to their questions,desires and goals and am sympathetic towards their fears. This allows my participants to progress through the program with confidence. On the other hand it's pivotal to reconcile personal expectations and realistic chances for success in a new country . As opposed to other placement agencies, our programme allows us to interact daily with the jobseekers. This allows us to get to know their social skills and personalities better and helps us to ensure they find jobs which better match their working styles. My success is not measured in the number of people placed for short periods of time, but in the percentage of people who permanently emigrate. 


Through my work I have developed contacts to trade unions which inform me about the currentsituation in the various industries, such as minimum wages and workingconditions as well as specific information about firms which are hiring. I meet regularly with placement officers from the EURES employment services as well as with Scandinavian employers which range from small family businesses to nationwide construction companies Our students keep contact to each other after leaving for their new homes. My network of former participants allows me to place people before vacancies are announced and to get first-hand information concerning different techniques among the trades, the current labour market and changes among the juridical framework.

Alumni BZ Neuruppin 07/2007

07/2004 - 10/2004

Gipsformerei (Replica Workshop), The National Museums in Berlin, Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Germany)

Luise und Friederike von Preußen, J.G. Schadow





As part of my internship I was responsible for recording, re-arranging and archiving the models of 19th century portrait busts collection as well as for re-arranging parts of the ethnological collection. Furthermore I assisted in the manufacture of plaster casts and moulds in the studio, thereby gaining insights into traditional moulding skills.

Luise and Friederike of Prussia, J. G. Schadow. J. Keil © Gipsformerei, the National Museums in Berlin

with the goddess of corn ( Mexico)

The Gipsformerei (Replica Workshop) was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia at the beginning of the 19th century. Its purpose was to supplement the art collections of Berlin. Together with rare originals the plaster casts made at the Gipsformerei were designed to help in creating capacious collections, which would be able to represent the entire history of human art. Today roaming through the overloaded depot of the century old manufactory building, this universalistic approach is still visible. Mainly undamaged during World War II the contemporary stock of more than 6000 moulds covers a wide period of history.

Modellhalle Büsten 19th century portrait bust collection
J. Keil © Gipsformerei, the National Museums in Berlin

The collection ranges from prehistoric findings, for example represented in the Venus of Willendorf, through classic works of antique sculpture, like the Laokoon-Group, to 18th and 19th century sculptures, like Johann Gottlieb Schadow's statue of the posing Prussian princesses Luise and Friederike. Seen from a geographical point of view the institution represents art from all continents. Moreover, anthropological and ethnological casts of nature as well as death masks (for example of the German painter Adolph Menzel or Friedrich the Great) are stored in Berlin. The craftsmen of the Gipsformerei preserve traditional moulding techniques, while adapting to modern practices as well by using silicone moulds or producing casts in waterproof materials

In an unique service the Gipsformerei offers the public the opportunity to order any piece stored in its collection. The institution is known for the high fidelity of its casts, which may be even painted, hereby imitating the materials of the original , such as marble, wood or ivory. Over the last 150 years some of the pieces preserved in the Gipsformerei have been lost or the original damaged. Therefore the collection of the Gipsformerei is of high value for contemporary documentation, restoration and reconstruction. Taking its dimension and conception into consideration the Gipsformerei can only be compared with the “Atelier des Moulages” at the Louvre in France. 

Herstellung einer einseitigen Silikonform the making of an one-sided siliconemould
Foto J. Keil © Gipsstøperiet, nasjonale museer i Berlin


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