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Master's Thesis

I used for the basis of my thesis my fascination with the way museums are intertwined with general developments and conflicts in society, in particular into the establishment of European national states and the development of indigenous peoples’ movements. During the past few decades indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities and immigrants pointed out that they do not feel adequately represented in the world of museums. 

My thesis was a case study. It consists of a historical summary and an analysis focusing on museums located in Norway, which exhibited displays in spring 2003 on the history and culture of the Sámis ("Lapps") the indigenous people of Scandinavia, settled in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Northwest Russia.

My work examines stereotypes about the Sámis, developed by scientists in the 19th century and maintained through museum displays. The aim of the study is to confront those cultural engrained stereotypes with the Sámi self-image portrayed inrecent exhibitions. Among others, regional museums play an active role in the reconsideration of the position of the Sámis in Norwegian society.

The work was connected to two months of fieldwork in northern Norway, during which I collected data and did qualitative interviews. My thesis was written under the supervision of Prof. Jan Brockmann and Prof. Ella Johansson (Nordeuropa-Institut/Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin).

conference paper (13 pages):

Keil, Julia (2004): „From Cabinets of Curiosity to Counter-Culture Sámi Museums: 350 Years of Presentation of Sámi Culture“. In: Jurij Kusmenko (ed.): The Sámi and the Scandinavians - Aspects of 2000 years of contact. Hamburg 2004, S. 141-153 

thesis (113 pages/German):

Keil, Julia (2003): Die Präsentation samischer Kultur und Geschichte in nordnorwegischen Museen

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Titel/ Inhaltsverzeichnis

1. Einleitung
 2. Methode
 3. Die Entwicklung samischer Sammlungen und Museen in Norwegen
 4. Kurzbeschreibungen der ausgewählten Institutionen und ihrer Ausstellungen
 5. Alte Stereotype in neuen Museen
 6. Wer spricht im Ausstellungskontext?
 7. Zusammenfassung und Ausblick

Keil, Julia (2005) “ To gipsavstøpninger av samiske ansikter” In: Thorbjørn Bjørkli (ed.) : Varanger årbok 2005. Unjárga/Nesseby p. 70-81 2005, S 70-81

Keil, Julia (2004): „From Cabinets of Curiosity to Counter-Culture Sámi Museums: 350 Years of Presentation of Sámi Culture“ In: Jurij Kusmenko (ed.): The Sámi and the Scandinavians - Aspects of 2000 years of contact. Hamburg 2004, p. 141-153

Keil, Julia (2002): „Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: A Baltic Union? About the Cooperation between the three Baltic States“ and „Einblicke in das kulturelle Panorama Litauens“ Both in: A. Bruns, S. Dähner, K. Kreiser (ed.): Estland, Lettland, Litauen-drei Länder eine Einheit? Berlin 2002, p. 86-118



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